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Guar Gum Manufacturing

GuarGum Manufacturing

Depending upon the requirement of end product various processing techniques are used. In the commercial production of Guar gum is normally undertaken by using process of roasting, differential attrition, sieving and polishing.

Stage wise process of manufacturing food grade guar gum is as under.It is very important to select guar split in this process. Guar Gum split is screened to clean and soaked to prehydrate in a double cone mixer. Prehydrating stage is very important in process as it derives the rate of hydration of the final product.

Soaked splits, has reasonably high moisture content, is passed through Flacker. Flaked Guar Manufacturers and Exporters of guar gum and its derivatives. Natural, modified derivatised hydrocolloids for food, Pet food pharmaceutical and industrial Application. Rheology control agents, functional additives for cosmetics, personal and oral care products. Additives for paper industry. Pharmaceutical grade hydrocolloids. Products for mining and flocculation applications, slurry and stick explosives, oil, gas and other deep well drilling, well stimulation and related operations. Rheology control agents for fabric printing.split is grounded to desired particle size followed by drying of the material. The power is screened through rotary screens to deliver required particle size of Guar . Oversize is either recycled to main Ultra fine or regrinded in separate regrinding plant, as per viscosity requirement of Guar.

This stage helps to reduce the load at the grinder. The soaked splits are difficult to grind. Direct grinding of those generates more heat in the grinder which is not desired in the process as it results in insoluble or reduced hydration of the product. Through heating, grinding & polishing process the husk is separated from the endosperm halves and the refined Guar Gum split are obtained. Through grinding process the refined Guar split are then treated and converted into powder.

During split manufacturing process, husk & germ are obtained which are used as a cattle feed as they are rich in protein. It is widely sold in international market as “Guar Meal” and has contents of “Oil & Albuminoids”. These contents are about 50% in germ whereas it is about 25% in husks. Quality of food grade Guar gum powder is defined from its particle size, rate of hydration and microbial in it.

Guar Gum: Stage wise Process

Guar Seed

  • First, Guar Pods are dried in sunlight, manually separated from the seeds.
  • The Guar seeds are supplied to the industry for processing.
  • Guar by-products, churi and korma are used for Cattle feed.

Undehusked Guar Splits

  • The Guar gum is commercially extracted from Guar seeds essentially by guar bean, guar plant , guar powder
    a mechanical process of roasting, differential attrition, sieving and polishing.
  • The seeds are broken and the germ is separated from the endosperm.
  • Two halves of the endosperm are obtained from each seed and are known as Undehusked Guar Splits.

Refined Guar Splits

  • Refined Guar Splits are obtained when the fine layer of fibrous material, which forms the husk, is removed and separated from the endosperm halves by polishing.

Guar Powder

The refined Guar Splits are then treated and finished into powders by a variety of routes and processing techniques depending upon the end product desired.


  1. Guar gum powder is also applied in bakeries, Mil product, and chocolate refreshments along with chocolate drinks. After that guar products give out diverse outcomes when joined with ammonium nitrate to become applied while acrylic explosives.

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